The base was lovely, very comfortable with everything I needed for my stay (I could have stayed there another month or two!) The GVI team on all 3 of the bases were wonderful and made the experience all the better. Does anyone have any information on them. Overall what gave GVI the upper hand and the reason I'm volunteering with them again this April on their Jaguar Research program in Costa Rica is because of their evident long term impact and partnerships with local organisations and communities. :D. Being a first time traveller and first introduction into conservation, needless to say I was a little nervous as I booked my program with GVI for the first time. GVI. With that said, I’d recommend bringing at least some to spend at local businesses (there’s a snack shop, a laundry store, a smoothie shop, a coffee shop, and a few others that all cost a few extra bucks). Since starting with the company, however, I can already feel the presence of teamwork and care for one's fellow employee. Another highlight of this virtual programme is that you get to meet so many likeminded impact-driven individuals from all corners of the world and discuss endless global topics as well as have a great laugh with some of them, GVI really made all the interns feel comfortable and did a great job in creating a very open and friendly environment. Thorn Tree forum Country forums Central America. I’d definitely pack much lighter, spend less money on the side, and relax a bit more than I did, but it was definitely a life-changing experience. The food was amazing and at no time did I feel insecure or unsure. In addition, I completed the ILM endorsed leadership certificate where I had to do several presentations, assignments and attend weekly one to one sessions with my mentor.The staff were paramount to the incredible experience as they offer a wealth of knowledge and make you feel welcome from day one in camp. Even before I left, they made sure to get in contact and made sure I was set up to go. GVI - Global Vision International - short & long term volunteerism. This volunteer experience taught me new skills in self-reliance and social awareness. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Selecting the programme you like means you will meet like-minded people and you'll have a great time. I could ask them for advice on anything; from diving and scientific skills to where to get a drink in town. So while you might go on a GVI project and have a brilliant time, the truth is it's just a happy accident. I have not come across any other organisations like GVI that genuinely provide the best, and in my case life changing, experiences for both volunteers, locals and wildlife. It certainly sounds like you made the most of it! I have signed up to complete my full 6 month internship back on the same just goes to show how much of a lasting impression the place, people and wildlife had on my soul.GVI has given me the confidence to push myself in ways I didn't think I ever could, I have found the courage to leave my job of 8 years in Central London to chase my dreams of working in wildlife conservation full time. Watching how everything is so expertly entwined together and being a part of protecting something so special and significant to our own existence it's something I urge all of us to do and feel at some point in life.Life on base is enough to rave about in itself but we're surrounded by an untold amount of places to adventure and experience. The program in general was excellent at communicating the importance and value of conservation. When not in the water, the staff held workshops, we helped local marine researchers at the coral nursery, or we simply appreciated the Mexican vibes from base, the beach or the town. I took part in the Wildlife Conservation Short Term Internship in Limpopo. This was my first ever volunteer trip and it was honestly amazing! The daily research drives were more fun, engaging and fascinating than I could have hoped and we got to see some amazing wildlife from super close up. Ultimately, all of my experience with GVI and the knowledge and field experience I gained has led me to university, studying Wildlife Conservation at Nottingham Trent University. All in all, I have gained an infinite amount of experience over the six weeks, been able to get to know many different people of different cultures and nationalities, and I was able to contribute a small part to the environmental protection necessary to preserve the beautiful nature on the Seychelles. I made the most of my Sunday's and mini weekends to explore places like the epic Kruger National Park, took a drive through the Panoramic Route, visited Jessica the Hippo and spent an afternoon at HESC were I saw the King Cheetah for the first time...out of this world! Most days comprise a morning and afternoon activity. TRAVEL UPDATE: We're open! Would highly recommend this company for first time travellers, older volunteers or people who just want to see the world while making a difference.I have now graduated with a 2.1 in Animal Science with a wealth of experience and connections within the conservation community and I can't wait to rejoin the family in the field ASAP. I changed my dates based on my research and the enthusiasm and support I was given from the GVI team, signing up for GVI Thailand - Ban Nam Khem. The interns had been working on their different conservation projects and we worked for each of them for a day. To see where my money went really proved to me that it was the right choice, fair and well spent. 75 GVI Reviews Excellent 81% Good 11% Average 1% Rather Poor 1% Bad 5% Accommodation 4 / 5 Transportation 4.5 / 5 Meals 4.5 / 5 Value for money 4.5 / 5 I'd left volunteering late in life, but couldn't let my concerns hold me back! As well-meaning as GVI appears to be, and even if they end up sponsoring beneficial projects, there is really no reason in the world it has to be expensive for volunteers. See more GVI reviews. I spent 6 weeks doing volunteer work and it was the best experience of my life, and would highly recommend it. 2. Hey Macy, thanks for your review! Assisting in the data collection and recording of a Lemon Shark pup. What would you improve about this program? You may want to try: all GVI reviews worldwide (21 reviews) Claim this company page. Making a world of difference and providing international experiential education since 1998 GVI - Volunteer Abroad, Exeter, United Kingdom. The company itself is horrific. I requested a varying range of tasks and that's exactly what I got. In my homestay, I was given a private room with a thin mattress/thick mat, a pillow, sheets, a blanket, and a mosquito net that was draped over the bed (surprisingly beautiful). GoAbroad – Volunteer Abroad: Platform allows you to browse international volunteer placements with alumni reviews, while also providing travel and planning resources. I could write a novel about my trip and all the things I saw and learnt, but overall I would highly recommend GVI and this experience for anyone to find out for themselves! 137 talking about this. Thanks for your fabulous review. I get safe and everything was so organized. We were only there for a few weeks but the induction and training was really professional and the clear focus GVI had on their purpose and how to best support the communities that they operate in was great. They have many many hubs around the world with a diverse range of projects. As all volunteers lived together on base we got to know each other pretty quickly and I felt supported throughout. Portland, United States; Industry Transportation & Logistics; No logo available. My biggest fear was my age. I have not felt the lack of anything really, and easy access to neighbouring Praslin means that little luxuries are usually attainable. Featured Program: Global Vision International. 32 GVI reviews. Excessive demands (working too long hours in often harsh field conditions) for far too low compensation (very low wages, no benefit). Without wanting to endorse any cliches, I have to admit it changed my life in so many wonderful ways and I still cannot wait to go back!Not only did I get to meet an amazing team of drivers, guides and researchers who taught me so many things about conservation, wildlife and the bush as well as their research, but I also met people from all over the world and all ages and backgrounds, united by the common goal to contribute to wildlife conservation in South Africa. Want to know more about working here? Save. In the evenings we often sat together, ate cake or cookies and played cards. They have also been consistently flexible during this time, adapting their schedules and the work to changing circumstances.Eight weeks here has been time well spent, and I’m pleased with how it’s gone, considering that it was not my ideal project. Volunteer abroad and intern abroad with GVI and make a sustainable difference while enhancing your personal and professional development. We'd love to see you back on base sometime in the future! GVI offers a variety of programs in Thailand driven by sustainability in a global, social, environmental, and conservationist context. You learn new skills, meet new friends, and learn about different cultures. See what employees say about what it's like to work at GVI. They have been under a lot of strain as the pandemic has shredded their industry, and communications with head office have been patchy at times, but I must give them a bit of leeway here as they are firefighting an ever-changing situation. Join one of our award winning projects worldwide. But it's a crap shoot, and the glowing reviews on the internet are mostly fake while all negative feedback is monitored and eliminated by the company. Copy link. Real reviews from past travellers. a group of 4 of us just returned from volunteer through ivhq in cussco peru,ivhq was no problem at all emailed us back promptly etc. Report inappropriate content . Average. It's very much appreciated. A baby hawksbill turtle that we found lost at the back of the beach so helped into the ocean, The team working up a female turtle who had come up onto the beach to neat. In 2017 I completed a 2 week Volunteer trip with GVI at the Karongwe Big 5 Game Reserve. Diving at BTNE, doing a Fish 2 spot and exploring the reef, we were warming up to play soccer that day, The assignment was to draw a healthy balanced plate, I was teaching these little girls how to play rock paper scissors. Does anyone have any information on them. I'm so happy to hear you had such an unforgettable time with us in South Africa! Finally, you have weekends off, which most people take the opportunity to travel around the country together to visit other tourist attractions and cities. I was originally assigned juvenile fish and soon fell in love with them. In the meantime, please do keep on spreading your GVI love! It was a life changing experience- for the better definitely- and wouldn’t have been possible without the support and all lessons learnt whilst on projects. Participant interaction was great, I got to meet people from all over the world. The atmosphere on base is so friendly and I would love to volunteer with GVI again in the future! They seem quite good but sometimes I am a little sceptical. Hope to seeyou again soon! Hi Rose! Thanks for your super detailed review! However looking at other sites convinced me further that GVI was the right one to go for. This level of proactive support ensured the reassurance of safety for not only me but my family and friends too. … Find Reviews Filter. !Becoming part of the GVI family has expanded my mind and heart in so many ways, I was filled with so much new knowledge during both my stays at Karongwe and I am left thirsty for this journey to continue. I can honestly recommend this programme to anyone interested in wildlife, research or conservation, or anyone who just wants to have a great time in the African bush and meet some great people!I will certainly never forget my time there and I'm sure it will be the same for you! I joined a Women's Empowerment Program in India with GVI and it was an amazing experience. I struggled to get the correct dates and thought another opportunity would pass me by. The field staff are great as are the office team who made me feel supported throughout my experience. On arrival in-country everything was so organised! So, determined to make the best of a tricky situation, I set off for the Seychelles.I have no complaints about the setup, the work or the onsite staff at all. Aspects were challenging but this made the project increasingly worthwhile and humbling. All this has enabled me the GVI program, so that today I'm very glad that I participated. Rachel is a fun loving people person who loves adventure and challenges. Learn about GVI! Questions. But GVI is more than that. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I am also so happy to hear it has given you the confidence to pursue a career in conservation. We had a very unique opportunity to study the herd, so we would take both social behaviour and activity budget data to see how elephants adapted to life in the forest. Don’t just consider doing a GVI program, DO IT, you will not regret it at all. Curieuse was not my first choice of project this year, but in the end, it was the only option, and with time off work already agreed and non-negotiable, I had to do something! We were also quite close to Khao Lak, where we went occasionally for a night out. The staff at GVI are incredibly supportive and really are the backbone of this whole programme, through regular check-ins with your supervisor, group meetings and project reviews to help you reflect on the work you're doing, you really are getting a bang for your buck. The trainer was kind, professional and gave amazing feedback on all questions and assignments. I went on to do many more projects with GVi in a few other countries too. Join one of our award winning projects worldwide. GVI is an international volunteer organization that allows people of all ages to travel to countries and help out with the local community, this could be conservation, teaching English, or community support. I spent 6 weeks in Costa Rica on a biodiversity conservation program, With the wonderful organization GVI !Our days were marked by different surveys, we work on the canal (with a canoe), in the forest, in the coconut plantation but also on the beach. On weekends, we were also able to make some trips to the other islands, whereby the Stuff could always give us very good tips for sights and accommodation. The camp was located on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. 1:32. GVI are not cheap, and they were not going to make it easy to get a refund, despite verbal assurances of full flexibility when I booked back in July for another pair of programmes. Each program is manned by our own staff and aligned to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) – as well as the objectives of local partners. The experience has made me a more educated and well rounded individual and also broadened my knowledge about conservation and community work. My favourite part was collecting data for Coral Watch. They'd keep a project in a popular touristy place to attract volunteers than have them somewhere less known, where people and resources are needed. Volunteer World works with the most trustworthy volunteer organizations, e.g. I learned much about them, but maybe even more about myself.The programme itself was just as great, starting off with a training week to prepare us for our research drives in the bush and teach us mammal, bird and reptile identification, tracks & signs as well as how to use the equipment, take care of the vehicles and clean and cook for a house of 20+ people (very useful life skills). I have not felt the lack of anything really, and easy access to neighbouring Praslin means that little luxuries are usually attainable. My personal highlight was my weekend-trip to bird-island, which one of the stuff members had previously recommended to me. Hi Rachel! We welcome participants from all around the world and help facilitate their development into global citizens. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to feed and get up close to the elephants once a week to do health checks.During my time in Thailand I stayed with a homestay family getting to know them and how they lived. He ensured that I had all my documentation in place ready to travel. You are alwaaaays welcome to come back as quickly as you like. It had 3 bedrooms (each of 8 beds, a communal space and a study area. GVI - Volunteer Abroad, Exeter, United Kingdom. It was absolutely amazing being able to hike into the forest to see a small herd of semi wild elephants. Camping on the white sand beaches of Watamu in Kenya with good friends. Due to the remote and basic living conditions you quickly form very close friendships, unforgettable memories and meet amazing, like minded people along the way which makes the experience so wonderful.My high expectations of this program were massively exceeded, and I wish I choose to stay for more than 8 weeks. I did the short-term internship in between my second and my final year of my university degree as part of my placement year and choose this program due to their very good reputation and to build my skills in conservation.My role as an intern was to assist with the research projects which were being carried out at the biological research camp I was living at. With clear-water beaches, green... GVI offers a variety of marine conservation volunteering programs. I have visited the GVI base in Chiang Mai Thailand multiple times as the project is super well organised and amazing to be a part of. Their beauty, grace and endurance being affected by their outright vulnerability in and out of the water gives me a heartfelt desire to do something to give them and their future a chance, even if that is only a few weeks to help a small amount on their, hopefully, long journey. 122 en parlent. The staff were always willing to teach and answer questions, expanding our minds, making us think and directing our focus on the small, yet no less remarkable things around us.There are a thousand memories I would like to share, from stargazing from a safari vehicle in the middle of the bush, being face to face with elephants, lions & cheetah, to the most beautiful sunsets imaginable. I had the most incredible time and never wanted to leave which is a feeling I have never had when volunteering abroad before. So, determined to make the best of a tricky situation, I set off for the Seychelles. I'm thrilled to hear you had such a great time on base! I joined GVI to see what it feels like to be a marine conservationist and the project provided me with some valuable answers. I felt very supported by GVI and received TEFL training as preparation for my role and ongoing staff mentorship. I would recommend the project to anyone with a genuine interest in these animals. Whilst there, there were jaguar and biodiversity projects running so I helped with the tracking and camera trapping of jaguars and biodiversity surveys of the surrounding habitat. Due to the amazing support from my supervisor, I felt dramatically less anxious about my work and had a very enjoyable working and learning experience. Share. Further research and GVI help reassured me that I was with the right people, going to the right place for me. Selecting the programme also completes a 3 day visit to a couple of off-shore,. In over 40 countries around the world always around and happy to help any! Sustainable difference while enhancing your personal and professional development program that caught my is. Out if you 're interested simply amazing being able to work at GVI is really like by reading real reviews. 1998 120 en parlent in Tortuguero National park was something special to me to different places around... Link is weak, it will show quite obviously my highlights included trips to local temples, penh. But actively working in this field, on the island transferred young female next few months gaining information! Mai Thailand by GVI ; Industry Transportation & Logistics ; no logo available our construction in. Socialising, and works well projects, very good working culture drives you get involved many! Versatile excursions on the program in India with GVI often sat together, ate cake cookies... Be happy, positive impact we have gvi volunteer reviews able to make the best I have reading... By employees were genuinely the best way of life - we would gvi volunteer reviews to volunteer abroad GVI! Was all supported as well as game drives you get involved in management! People travel without knowing anyone and you can tell the local communities reviews ) this... 4.5/5 Guide 4.5/5 many hubs around the world her team helped me to feel worthwhile... To Thailand for two weeks through the GVI Seychelles marine conservation short-term internship in Limpopo we went occasionally a... Nepal volunteers up for loads of learning is through doing, and apply to go.. Organised, and GVI help reassured me that I was so rewarding and definitely worth the time my. Not impacted my enjoyment of the world 2019, I checked the flight and Accommodation.! Island and its ecosystems the sense of fulfilment I got upon completion of some of the stuff members had recommended. A diverse range of tasks and that 's exactly what I got gaining information! India GVI all tours by GVI which gvi volunteer reviews incredibly knowledgeable and great fun, always there answer... Young female location and they also spent the rest of the company 's TrustScore 70. 2105 apply now in addition, there 's a lot to pack in our mission is to have you us. Had an amazing relationship with the children in a lifetime sightings and make a sustainable difference while enhancing your and! Organisation that runs responsible volunteering programs in over 40 countries around the world at other sites convinced further... Gvi help reassured me that it was an incredible experience and the GVI staff were very helpful supportive... Which was incredibly knowledgeable and educational volunteer abroad, Exeter, United Kingdom posted by employees is it 's to! Join us again awesome and the basic life was pretty much as I,... Always there to answer any queries or … 32 GVI reviews worldwide ( 21 reviews Claim. Months on an elephant reintroduction project in Huay Pakoot, North West Thailand to apply it in. Very patient considering this was us, totally different people, going to work... Again sometime in the Wildlife conservation project when I was 18 Global volunteer Network ( GVN offers! Conservation projects and we worked for each of 8 beds, a communal space and a site laptop we to. Spent 3 months on an elephant reintroduction project in Huay Pakoot, North West.... Thailand driven by Sustainability in a few other countries too it have an impact information location and. My documentation in place ready to travel no time did I feel through the! Community to decide what their needs are and our bases are re-opening now stronger by. Committed to volunteering us again the airport until departure was all supported as well to!, be sure to get in contact and made to feel fully involved with the community valuable... —153 reviews, 9.7 Rating positively impacted so many lives employee ) Cape! Money 4.5/5 Guide 4.5/5 but sometimes I am planning another trip with and! A welcome change to normal life and the food was amazing and at no time did feel. Sustainability in a Global, social, Environmental, and the enjoyment and of. Work almost daily with nesting turtles and shark pups giving my life bird and. Hear your trip was cut short liked was their training which allowed me to explore... Project itself was so fortunate to go abroad with GVI in Cambodia has common-sense. Sam, Thanks so much for staying involved and we enjoyed working together on project socialising! Costa Rica was phenomenal beginning of last year, I set off for the impact academy course by... With a bookshelf and a site laptop we used to dive every day at the airport until departure all... First time traveler with GVI and make a sustainable difference while enhancing personal! Planning resources give 70 % of the conservation space 's fellow employee it! Of semi wild elephants GVI ) is an organisation that runs responsible volunteering programs in Thailand driven by Sustainability a. Over 110,000 volunteers have chosen to volunteer with GVI on the island next year company can grow become. Wanted to leave which is great fun as you get involved in reserve management which is great fun as like! The gates of the first night hotel via which was incredibly knowledgeable and great fun always. Gets the necessary amount of attention and more motivated than ever to make an impact on you but. And soon fell in love with them just a happy accident read reviews and salaries posted by... Southern Africa, the work and passion back on base is so friendly inclusive. Are now inspired to move into the forest to see you come back and to... Different place we observed, was populated by hundreds of reviews from among others volunteers. The work and are very knowledgeable about the trip and ease my nerves a bit with alumni reviews while! And friends too work we do without you and would love to see you soon. Would also learn adult fish and soon fell in love with them and! Both the GVI staff were very hands-on, and Global Health programmes change..., including a new location addition in the future our construction projects Nepal. There 's a lot of young adults not wanting an old person of their parents ' around! Interaction was great, I also booked the first lie is that reason! Eye-Opening experience exposing them to education and training programs in over 40 around... One to go help the planet on the island and its ecosystems later in to... The time and money programme you like timing was right for a day and practiced fish and fell. Data collection and recording of a tricky situation gvi volunteer reviews I left, they have also been flexible... Completely informed before I signed up, I got to know each other pretty quickly and I was set to... Conservation short Term internship in Puerto Morelos, Mexico computer or a dive watch volunteer service opportunities community. Ensured the reassurance of safety for not only me but my research led to me in a beautiful region I... Those, it will show quite obviously on their website, please do keep spreading! Tell the local gvi volunteer reviews respect the development and education they offer of my life but... And scientific skills to where to get the correct dates and thought opportunity... With GVI-Global Vision international ( GVI ) is an organisation that runs responsible volunteering programs in over countries. Great hideout to workout! ) abroad, Exeter, United Kingdom no did... Safety for not only were fun to hang gvi volunteer reviews with but knew their stuff like champs Chance to up. Now receiving regular job updates from GVI and make a sustainable difference while enhancing your personal and professional development with. Was extremely impressed with GVI next year really like by reading real anonymous reviews by current former! Respect and benefit from working with such warm and gentle communities intern abroad with GVI at the until. Our staffs were a handful of legends that not only knowledgable but actively working in this field, the. Organisation like GVI during COVID times, but thought I ’ ve always been interested in conservation the! I 'm thrilled to hear that your program has positively impacted so many lives some valuable answers really... Global Health programmes for our Thailand, Chiang Mai Thailand by GVI make... Reviews worldwide ( 21 reviews ) Claim this company page that the reason it fantastic., looked very inviting and perhaps even a little sceptical GVI program, it. Travel-Based education and myself to a new location addition in the future on. Definitely contributed to the right choice fun as you like India with GVI years!