Transcendency is the attribute that says God goes beyond all our understanding in every aspect of His character. And God saw that the light was good. "; Psalm 102:12 — But You, O Lord, shall endure forever, and the remembrance of Your name to all generations. In Christianity, God and his creation, including humans, do not share the same essence or nature. Hinduism. The aseity of God means that He is the One in whom all other things find their source, existence, and continuance. Abstract: Ten arguments for the nonexistence of God are formulated and discussed briefly.Each of them ascribes to God a pair of properties from the following list of divine attributes: (a) perfect, (b) immutable, (c) transcendent, (d) nonphysical, (e) omniscient, (f) omnipresent, (g) personal, (h) free, (i) all-loving, (j) all-just, (k) all-merciful, and (1) the creator of the universe. ( Job 26:14 ) As Horner has written "There can be no condensed learning of God; the very thought is an insult to His transcendent majesty. In fact, there are only two basic kinds of existence: God and everything else, all of which he created. In this series about Christian doctrine, we’ve been surveying the core biblical teachings of Christian faith. ; SALIENT POINTS: Not only will God exist undiminished everlastingly into the future, but He has existed identically throughout the infinite past. Transcendent. Some traditions, such as Advaita Vedanta, view transcendence in the form of God as the Nirguna Brahman (God without attributes), transcendence being absolute. (the LORD) Honour and Awe. PROOF TEXTS: Exodus 3:14 — And God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM. Isaiah was deeply undone for he had unclean lips, living in an unclean world. God is of a completely different kind of existence from us, what is called transcendent. One of God’s attributes is His transcendence. God is the uncaused Cause, the uncreated Creator. Transcendence is described and viewed from a number of diverse perspectives in Hinduism. The incommunicable attributes of God are those that belong to God alone (omniscience, transcendence, etc.,) where the communicable attributes of God are those that we can also possess (knowledge, love, mercy, etc.,). Abraham bowed low and stretched himself to the ground before the Lord. Answer: The aseity of God is His attribute of independent self-existence. He is the source of all things, the One who originated everything and who sustains everything that exists. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. One by one those beloved and delighted in by God, fell at His feet in honour and awe. STUDY - Character and Attributes of GOD ... my help comes from the transcendent God. God was not dependent on another to bring Him into being (Acts 17:23-25). In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. However, we have to realize that all of our discussions about God’s attributes are going to ultimately be inadequate. Although the purpose of this page is give an overview of the Attributes of God, I must apologize because this table is not even "the fringes of His ways and how faint a word we hear of Him! " And God separated the light from the darkness. The Scriptures reveal God’s transcendence as well as His many others attributes, but the Bible actually speaks of another place we can see God’s attributes. Tozer, Knowledge of the Holy, 83-84. ; Hebrews 13:8 — Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. They ultimately possessed a faulty and limited view of the Infinite One. Because we are finite beings that depend on God’s love for our creation and existence we have trouble understanding this aspect of Him. A Transcendent God. In other words, though they affirmed God’s transcendent ways, they practically spoke of God as if he were a mere law of nature to be understood. The Existence and Attributes of God, as cited in Mark Jones, God Is, 43-44. God is recognized as both transcendent and immanent. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
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