The process from sheet stock to finished award is a long one, but with the right settings on your equipment, you can create beautiful finished acrylic pieces that are perfect for various applications. When laser marking polycarbonate a laser operating at 1µm or lower is required. We wanted to find out for ourselves what the best methods are to work with PETG. Here are some standard cutting settings in general laser cutting machine include Dacu Laser Cutting machin / Dacu Laser Cutters : Laser cutting machine for cutting stainless steel: 1) Below 1.0—1.5 stainless steel is cut with 1.4-2.0 double-layer cutting tip, compensation value is 0.1, defocus amount is -1 . Laser Engraving Settings. This is the frequency of light the laser cutter uses to cut materials, so it is very ineffective at cutting polycarbonate. They have been very accurate nearly every-time for the result I usually look for in timber and other materials. Braden Todd is a second-generation glass artist, and the owner and creative force behind Glassmith2, located in Boulder, Colorado. Applications & Usage: TroGlass Clear buy here. There is a neat video posted by on how to apply these settings and how to find the correct settings when you are using a new material you haven’t used before. Focus. : LS1000XP; LS900XP; LS900; LS100 LS100Ex; Gravostyle™ & Laserstyle™ Gravoglas™ 1; Client benefits. High Quality Fast Turnaround Menu. A list of some of the common materials can be found here to help you know which are safe to process. Laser engraving polycarbonate guarantees a superb degree of precision hence common in applications which require fine inscriptions. The rectangle with two differently rounded corners offers the advantage that both straight cutting lines and more complex shapes are possible with the tested settings. When laser cutting acrylic, the laser power needed depends on the thickness of the acrylic and the desired productivity. When adjusting settings, a good rule is to adjust either the power or the speed. Acrylic; Corrugated Cardboard; Plywood; MDF; Leather; Sticker; Colored Card * Make sure that you’ve set the best work origin for laser engraving and cutting. Plastic laser cutting and engraving. Polycarbonate sheet can be cut with industrial cutting lasers however, edges may become amber or brown when laser cut and a clean edge is difficult to obtain. POLYCARBONATE Cutting. I’m pretty pleased with this and always liked Acetal for various uses. Polycarbonate is a poor choice for laser cutting. Test your cut settings on a small offcut of the material first, to ensure your chosen settings will give you the desired results. The engraving is usually .5 mm deep, which carries through most hard and softwoods. Lasers are powerful optical beams that are used to slice through an assortment of materials like metal, wood, glass and polycarbonate. GET A FREE QUOTE Let's get started! ABS: Melts / Cyanide: ABS does not cut well in a laser cutter. As soon as I have bigger jobs to cut, it doesn’t cut through most sections. It’s a lightweight thermo-plastic that has high impact strength, an appealingly glossy finish, and a purity that makes it perfect for packaging food and pharmaceuticals. Carbon fiber mats/weave that has not had epoxy applied. The outcome of your acrylic engravings will largely depend on the settings of your laser. Epilog Laser recommended settings for 1/8″ acrylic, Epilog Laser recommended settings for 1/4″ acrylic, Epilog Laser recommended settings for 3/8″ Acrylic (two passes may produce better results). Epilog also recommends two passes for the thicker 3/8″ acrylic. A little discoloration on the opposite side. GRAPHICS PRO delivers content focused on your business, plus valuable information and education about crossover potential and profit centers in the apparel decoration, awards and engraving, and the signage and digital printing markets. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser through optics.
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