However, quality cycling sunglasses are available for less than £50, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to look after your eyes or style. On each side of the arm hinge there is a small, second hinge. Sunglasses for cycling protect your eyes from harmful rays, as well as offering a shield against road grit and grime. Safety glasses these days are almost indistinguishable from cycling glasses. The full frame sits slightly back from the lens itself creating a small but important gap that makes the Bolds among the best-vented sunglasses on test; this, combined with the anti-fog coating, means they stayed very clear during rides. The frames themselves have large centimetre-square vents on either side, so I didn’t get any fogging at all. The soft tips on the arms are metal-cored so you can bend them a little to fit and keep them in place, and the nosepiece is adjustable too. Oakley Sutro 5. The following sets of sunglasses scored at least four stars in our test. Prescription Cycling Glasses in Photochromic Lenses from $339 inc Shipping. The lack of venting did mean I got a bit of fogging above the nosepiece but it was never bad enough to be a distraction while riding. Tifosi has built a great reputation for making glasses that have all the features found on premium brands but without the premium price tag. Now, Assos continues to produce top-quality cycling gear ranging from bib shorts to jerseys, jackets, and gloves. #4 adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro S Rectangle Sunglasses. Their Holbrook sport style sunglasses are built in that classic Wayfarer shape which is known and loved, featuring a rounded rectangular frame alongside those distinctive polarized lenses. ‍ Looking for Prescription Cycling Glasses? The full frame design is like a classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer style that’s been curved to wrap closely around your face. However, Madison has cleverly combatted this with an adjustable nosepiece and arms with metal cored tips that can be bent and shaped to perfectly fit your head. Browse Our Products They have a UV rating of 400, which blocks out 100% of harmful UV rays. Because the grip is quite tenacious, these are a fine option for both on- and off-road use. Madison Code Breaker: £40. … 0. Galibier Ardennes Shield: £40 / $52 / €47. What to Look for in Mountain Biking Sunglasses 1. Sun exposure over prolonged periods is not just uncomfortable, but also damaging to the eyes. The lens does tend to fog around the nose bridge when you’re working hard in warmer weather. You’re probably going to wear some sort of sunglasses anyway, right? It should also be noted that UV radiation increases around 15% for every 900m gained in altitude, so cycling in mountains or areas high above sea level require even more precaution. Top 6 Cycling Sunglasses Ultimate Chart They come with three different lenses and switching between them is a case of sliding a latch on the inside of the frame, which releases the lens. Cycling Sunglasses Designed for Cycling by Cyclists. Even when riding in low light conditions, many cyclists opt to wear clear cycling glasses to protect their eyes from debris. The sizing is best suited to smaller faces and the lens depth of 40mm (including the frame) does a great job of shielding your eyes from the wind along with good sunlight protection. The closely wrapped curve of the lens sits well and the etched edging is a nice detail. I used the light smoke lens the most but the dark option was certainly most welcome on brighter days. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A pair of good sunglasses can last for years. Rudy Project Rydon 7. Fit and Coverage 3. Galibier offers the Ardennes with four different lens options, ranging from £36 to £44 depending on type. Cycling involves long periods of time out in the elements. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. Subtle vents around the lens keep fogging at bay and the lenses are hydrophobically treated with a coating that repels water and water vapour. Lens type: ImpactX-2 Photochromic | UV protection: Yes | Frame type: Full frame (two-piece, removable) | Weight: 34g | Pro team: Bahrain Merida, Lotto Soudal It may appear as though Rudy Project is following in the footsteps of the larger-is-better lens philosophy currently doing the rounds but the company’s new D… 99 Bikes has a large range of cheap Cycling Sunglasses, Photochromic Cycling Glasses & Mountain Bike Glasses (MTB Glasses) from leading cycling brands such as BBB, JetBlack, Venture Eyewear, and more. What makes the perfect cycling sunglasses is the ability to adjust the frames and Rudy Project cycling sunglasses have a lot of features built into their model - Such as adjustable nose and temple ends that can easily be adjusted by the … The Davos’s angular and well-styled frame is made from Grimalid TR-90: that’s the same material you’ll find on shades more than twice the price. SMITH Pathway The Best Cycling Sunglasses of 2019 Unlike in years past, there’s a huge amount of choice at the lower price points and buying cheap no longer means forgoing style. The package includes three lenses with all using a nine-layer coating called MLC by BBB, which has a high resistance to friction. 99. More advanced sunglasses for cyclists will also feature interchangeable lenses, which give the rider options for different levels of light. It’s a fantastic design that means you won’t accidentally damage the lens when switching between dark and clear and it stays in place perfectly too. Photochromic Bike Glasses are dynamic, the brighter the light, the darker the lens will become which is very useful for those setting off on early morning rides in low light conditions. Madison Stealth: £35. The red tint of the new Enliven lens brings a lovely warm glow to your view and the colours of the landscape pop, which means increased definition, thus making it easy to read road surfaces from tarmac to full-on rocky gravel. They’re light and designed to be worn all day long. One of the best places to look for cycling glasses is a little unusual, but where you can find some of the best bargains. They’re light, yet hold in place well on all but the very worst surfaces. Cycling-specific shades don’t have to come at a high price, here are 8 pairs under £50. The two other lenses are a straight clear option and a yellow tint lens for low light. Sunglasses are considered to be PPE (personal protection equipment) so they are subject to both UK and EU standards for safety. For more on how to choose the right glasses for you, read our buyer’s guide at the bottom of this article. Lens changing is smart with a central anchor point, click the lens out, rotate down to remove and do the reverse to replace. Madison has made the Shield’s RX insert compatible, which must surely make these some of the cheapest performance glasses that can be adapted for those who need corrective lenses. However, lens clarity is good and the spherical curvature means little in the way of distortion. It’s not bad enough to detract from what is otherwise a very smart pair of shades. They’re fine for road duties but I did get a bit of bouncing when riding off-road on rougher surfaces. While the style isn’t exactly the fashion right now, the performance is what matters and the Stingrays certainly have plenty of that. The Bolle 6th Sense Sunglasses are designed for cyclists with medium … And while it’s absolutely understandable – and necessary – that we all want to protect our eyes from the harmful dangers of UV rays, as well insects, gravel and other objects hitting at high speed, it can be pretty galling to have to pay top whack for what is a cycling essential. Usually, the downside of frameless glasses is that they lack the rigidity to stay in place on rougher surfaces. Each pair of cycling sunglasses provide heavy-duty protection in a light-weight package with frames of durable, high quality Grilamid TR-90 and scratch-resistant, shatterproof lenses. Top 7 Men’s Cycling Sunglasses. If you want the best products at the best prices, look no further than our range. DHB Polygon Revo: £50 / $66 / AU$84 / €57. Best cycling socks 2019 | 6 pairs of stylish socks rated and reviewed, How to measure a bike frame: our complete guide to sizing a bike, Best gravel wheels 2021: 8 top-rated picks. You can unsubscribe at any time. Approaching two decades of testing bikes, Warren can be found on a daily basis riding and exploring the road and off roads of Wiltshire’s Salisbury Plain in the UK. In recent times, Photochromic Cycling Glasses have grown in popularity thanks to their innovative lens technology which adjusts to suit the conditions. Metal-cored arms and an adjustable nose bridge mean that you can get the fit spot on, although they never felt as secure as some on test. Aero glasses fit snug on your face so you can focus on the road or trail ahead. By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions and privacy policy. Either side of the nose bridge did suffer a little from condensation and fogging when working very hard, but the opening on the lower edge meant that they also cleared quickly. Menu. The single lens is best suited to brighter days, but they’re not so dark as to be a hindrance on the road when it’s dull. The frame sits 2mm above the brow of the lens, which works well in cutting down on fogging and is a smart solution to an age-old problem. 1-16 of over 3,000 results for "Best Cycling Glasses" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Best Clear Blue Light Glasses: Fifth & Ninth Chandler 46mm Blue Light Filtering Glasses Best Funky Blue Light Glasses : The Book Club Blue Light Harlot's Bed Reading Glasses Best Budget … We will even your cycling clothing and bike gear to you throughout Australia and internationally! The slender arms are tipped with good grippers, plus the 120mm long arms can be extended by 5mm by sliding back the tips so the Polygons will fit a wide range of heads. What you do get, however, is an excellent quality shield lens held in place with a clever system; the brow piece rotates 90 degrees, angle the arms at 45 degrees and then simply pop out the lens to clean or replace. Find the right styled cycling sunglasses for you in our exclusive range sourced from trusted brands. Endura has done a sterling job to offer a good value package because the Stingrays come fully equipped with a hardcase and a soft bag, not to mention four lens options. The large Shield lens is 1980s-inspired but the frameless design is very 21st century, as is the very light 28g total weight. Best cyxling sunglasses for adjustability. Free Shipping by Amazon ... X-TIGER Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 or 5 Interchangeable Lenses,Mens Womens Cycling Glasses,Baseball Running Fishing Golf Driving Sunglasses. Endura’s Snapper IIs are well-suited for all-round use and not just on the bike. The large shield lens (a single lens that stretches across the glasses) is vented across the brow and clarity is excellent. Wraparound glasses also … Help us to fund our site We’ve noticed you’re using an ad blocker. The brand's ultra cheap—$12—Wayfarer-style shades have a laid-back look that's great for jaunts around the neighborhood and rambles into the countryside. The frame is nicely sprung and grips your head well, but they’re not as secure as some. The J +S sunglasses offer some of the best protection among polarized sunglasses from UV rays. FREE delivery to Australia on orders over $99. For cheap sunglasses, Kent Wang’s Aviator sunglasses are expensive, but they’re especially comfortable to wear and more compact than others in … Rudy Project Australia has a large range of Cycling Sunglasses, Photochromic Cycling Glasses, Polarized Cycling Sunglasses and regular Prescription Cycling Sunglasses. Lens Technology Top 7 Men’s Cycling Sunglasses of 2020 1. The lenses are also scratch-resistant. In terms of sun protection, the benefits are more universally understood. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The frame is quality Grilamid TR-90 and is both flexible and stiff. Rudy Project Rydon 7. The lens offers full UV400 protection from its category 3 (high UV protection) lens with dark silver mirror finish that belies the very modest price. The grip of the fit is good from the rubberised tips to the arms and because they’re so slender they work with pretty much any helmet out there from minimal race lids to low-backed commuter and mountain bike helmets too. For example, in low light conditions the rider might use lenses that enhance the light and improve visibility, while changing to heavily tinted lenses on a sunny day. Tifosi Amok: £50 / $50 With most frameless glasses, stability can be an issue because of the lighter weight and increased flexibility. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL 4. Another great pair of road bike sunglasses when it comes to fit and protection. Purchase cycling sunglasses and eyewear from Cycling Sports – Australia’s leading supplier of cycling gear, available online and in store. The Avengers are a sturdy set of shades with lens quality that belies their modest price. ... Cheap and cheerful bike themed t … The Best Cycling Glasses At The Best Price . Because of the 3D curvature, the lenses are quite spherical in shape, but you get little in the way of distortion, just a touch at the edge of the base of the lens that doesn’t interfere with your view. The sticky temple tips and adjustable soft nose bridge do a great job of keeping these glasses where they should be, and they stay in place even when riding on the roughest terrain. The following sets of sunglasses scored less than four stars out of five in our test. With this in mind, you should ensure (like we have here) that any sunglasses you buy have EN 12312-1 certification (or BS EN 12312-1). The reactiveness of these category 0-2 glasses leaves a bit to be desired in brighter conditions but works well on dark, wintry rides. Thanks! Bolle 6th Sense Sunglasses. The centre section and rather chunky nosepiece can be seen in your eyeline, and when riding hard you do get a bit of fogging here. Price: $12 Info: Finding any that offer compatibility with corrective (prescription) lenses is a tough call but not impossible. The lens’ brow-line vents keep them clear of condensation and I had no fogging on the lens. That’s when he’s not travelling the world to test the latest kit, components and bikes. AUSTRALIA'S BEST RANGE OF BICYCLE CLOTHING - FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS >$75 AND FREE EXPRESS POST >$200 - AUSTRALIA WIDE! Premium cycling sunglasses have it all, the looks, great lenses and long lasting life. On the bike, the close fit and grippy frame work well at both shielding you from the wind and staying in place. The fit is excellent and the Bolds stayed put during the rough rides, with help from those tacky arms and the adjustable nosepiece. Top Men’s Mountain Biking Sunglasses. The lens in particular has a shape that’s almost identical to the premium brand’s classic, half-frame shades. The Polygons offer great coverage: a quality lens for pinpoint clarity with no distortion throughout the lens. The Ominicrons offer great shield lens coverage, clean styling and dimensions to suit smaller faces. Back in the mid-1970s, founder Tony Maier-Moussa was the first to create a carbon fiber frame and went on to pioneer the use of more aerodynamic, synthetic riding apparel. Smith Pathway 2. It’s not the easiest way to switch, but after you’ve changed them a few times it eases up. Cyclists have particular requirements which make wearing cycling specific sunglasses the best option for protecting your eyes. The blue-mirrored lens offers category 3 protection and plenty of contrast. $25.99 $ 25. The arm tips are rubberised, which also aids grip, and the soft-touch nosepiece has plenty of adjustment too. Despite the fact that the Amoks only come with a single set of lenses, they are very easy to switch out and they feature small vents at the brow. 100% Sportcoupe 3. On the road, these glasses work very well. Why not use our lenses to help your eyes work the best? However, on wet rides you do get the occasional spray coming through this gap, so maybe grab a different pair of glasses if you’re planning a ride in inclement weather. £50 / €50. The lack of a frame and the vented lens meant I never got any fogging issues. The red-tinted Enliven Bike lens pumps up contrast, giving everything a warm, orange glow. Superb range of Cycle products Sunglasses and Lenses at, the online cycle, run, swim & tri shop! The Stingrays are brilliant value for money. However, cyclists often underestimate the value that cycling sunglasses offer in terms of safety whilst on the bike. Top Men’s Mountain Biking Sunglasses of 2020 1. The other big standout feature with the Code Breakers is that they are compatible with RX prescription inserts, so riders who wear glasses don’t have to fork out premium prices to get good-looking riding shades. The Polygon Revo’s styling is very close to that of Oakley’s classic Radar. Not so much as to be a distraction but it’s there. More wrap means more coverage and extended peripheral vision. Oakley Mainlink 6. It makes them a rock-solid fit. Alternatively, Photochromic lenses are a versatile option. Order online today for exclusive online prices and fast shipping Australia wide. The design means they are closely wrapped to your face, and although the frame’s bottom edge is in the line of sight for me, those with smaller faces may not get this. At the price, they give much bang for your buck. The thick frame grips well and the adjustable nosepiece is welcome. The slender arms and slim, fixed-nose bridge make these best-suited to smaller faces. The glasses have some excellent design touches, not least in the way in which you switch lenses. Lens Contrast 2. When looking at lower-priced and budget sunglasses – for cycling or otherwise – you still want to ensure they meet the correct safety ratings. 99 Tifosi’s Amok is a full-frame glass with a mid-size 44mm deep lens. The Omnicron’s shield lens is smaller than most at 42mm at its deepest, which makes them well suited to smaller faces. At Cycling Deal, we stock a range of great-looking cycling sunglasses that are specially designed to wrap around your head securely. The Stingray’s twin-lens frame design is minimal with lenses at just 37mm at their deepest. Tifosi Eyewear Alliant Gunmetal Fototec Light Night Lens. On top of all of this, Tifosi Optics Aethon Sunglasses come at a crazy low price and in my opinion represent the best budget cycling sunglasses. The fit is good and thanks to well-sprung arms they stay put. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL 3. Comfort B. Shop the best prices from top brands for new sunglasses and lens replacements for your road, mountain, electric, and commmuter bike rides. It’s a nylon-based polymer that doesn’t brittle with age, resists stretching so they won’t get baggy with constant use and has great moisture and chemical resistance so won’t stain from sunscreen or sweat. 100% Racetrap 2. The Avenger’s large, sweeping lens provides a close wrap and the frame’s short stubby arms have plenty of spring. Cyclists need to have good peripheral vision, which means a wrap around style is best as it provides minimal obstruction. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5. The Snapper IIs wouldn’t look out of place arriving at the office on a commuter bike or in the midst of a sportive, so they’re perfect if you are looking for something with more versatile styling. Eight of the best cycling sunglasses for less than £50 Cycling eyewear that won't break the bank. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. The Amoks feature a Cat 2 lens, which means that these sunglasses are good for most riding conditions, although on the very brightest and sunniest days you may want something a little darker. The adjustable nose bridge helps with fit but it does slightly intrude on your eyeline. The slender arms actually work better for helmet clearance than the chunky arms of the Oakley Radars. Agu is known for its good-value, no-nonsense rainwear more than anything else, but with its sponsorship of Lotto-Jumbo and a move into pro racing (with some of its team riders seen in these shades) things have changed. Sunglasses protect the rider's eyes from foreign objects, which is a fairly high risk over the course of a few hours our on the road or trail. While you may not be able to find much in the way of tint-adjusting photochromic lenses for under £50, plenty offer multi-lens packages, so you can switch the lens according to the conditions. A good-value pair of glasses with three lenses for all conditions and year-round eye protection. Oakley Sutro 5. Most modern cycling sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses to boost adaptability, so you can wear the same pair of sunglasses for the clearest summer rides to the darkest morning commutes. The deep swept lens provides impressively clear vision with nothing to obstruct your view, regardless of head position. With these advanced scales you can measure your body weight and much more! The minimal arms are well-sprung and the temple tips are sticky and generous in size. Cycling Glasses with 5 Interchangeable Lenses and TR90 Frame, UV400 Sports Sunglasses for Men Women Cycling Climbing Fishing Driving 4.6 out of 5 stars 23 $38.99 $ 38 . The best cycling glasses protect your eyes from sun, elements and road debris so that you can ride with greater confidence. It would be easy to spend a large amount of money on cycling sunglasses if you were able, with premium shades now costing up to several hundreds of pounds. It’s a smart system that works well. The Best Women’s Sunglasses for Cycling Shaped for female features, designed for performance and style. If you like, but you don’t like ads, please consider subscribing to the site to support us directly. Adjustable ear and nose pads are wrapped in hydrophilic rubber which increases grip the more you sweat. Subscribe today and get the next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5! Smith Outlier 2 4. Oakley Mainlink 6. We’ve put to the test a wide selection of glasses offering great performance and style for less strain on your pocket. The package comes with two lenses, a hardcase and cleaning bag, which would be an impressive package at twice the price. Already have an account with us? UV protection is is the key benefit here, as it will both help prevent eye-fatigue in the short term, and serious damage in the longer term. Endura has opted for a multi-tint running from dark at the brow to lighter at the base. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Frame Technology 2. BBB Avenger BSG-57: £50 / $70 / AU$99 / €60. The best cycling sunglasses have a wraparound frame design. What to Look for in Men’s Cycling Sunglasses 1. It’s the sort of innovation that the premium glass brands would be shouting about, while Decathlon makes no mention of it at all. Pyramex Ztek Safety Glasses. Getting this best polarized sunglasses review off to a start is our Best Choice, from Oakley. Protection from harsh sunlight and the immediate comfort provided by Cycling Sunglasses will be the main reason people choose to wear them whilst riding. Cyclists have particular requirements which make wearing cycling specific sunglasses the best option for protecting your eyes. JetBlack Patrol Matte Black/Grey Sunglasses, BBB Impress Photochromic Sunglasses Black, JetBlack Patrol Matte Black/Blue Sunglasses, Venture Extreme Sunglasses Black/Blue Revo, BBB Avenger Photochromic Gloss Black Sunglasses, BBB Impress Sunglasses Matt White Smoke Lenses, JetBlack Patrol Matte Black/Green Sunglasses, BBB Impress Red PC Sunglasses Smoke Red Lens, Jet Black Jetstream Eyewear [Photochromic SMK & Clear Lens] (Black), Venture Avalanche Sunglasses Matt Black/Red Revo, Venture Trail Sunglasses Matt Black Combo/Red Revo, Venture Basecamp Sunglasses Matt Black/Blue Revo, Venture Transfer Sunglasses Matt Black/Smoke Revo, BBB Impress Reader Sunglasses Gloss 2.0 Black, 100% Speedcraft Sunglasses Metallic Blue Topaz ML Mirror Lens, 100% Glendale Sunglasses Metallic Bronze ML Mirror Lens, 100% Speedcraft HiPER Blue Multilayer Mirror Lens Sunglasses Matte White, 100% Racetrap Sunglasses Black Smoke Lens, 100% Speedcraft XS Sunglasses Black Smoke Lens, 100% Racetrap Sunglasses Black HiPER Red ML Mirror Lens, 100% Speedcraft XS Sunglasses White Blue ML Mirror Lens, 100% Speedcraft XS Sunglasses Black HiPER Red ML Mirror Lens, 100% Speedtrap HiPER Blue Multilayer Mirror Lens Sunglasses Matte White, 100% Speedtrap Sunglasses Metallic Bronze ML Mirror Lens, 100% Hypercraft Sunglasses Metallic/Blue ML Mirror Lens. Your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions and year-round Eye.... Lens provides a close wrap and the frame is visible when wearing it! Stay in place well on all but the very light 28g total weight and the. Provided by cycling sunglasses will be the main reason people choose to wear them whilst riding way to,. Superb range of great-looking cycling sunglasses offer some of the best cycling at. Our range to turn on Javascript in your browser modest price of.. And/Or packaging re working hard in warmer weather site we ’ ve noticed you ’ know. And conditions and privacy policy bang for your buck extended peripheral vision and year-round Eye protection only on rare... Tacky arms and slim, fixed-nose bridge make these best-suited to smaller faces personal. Privacy policy selection of glasses with three lenses for all conditions and year-round protection! Everything a warm, orange glow almost identical to the site to support us.., Poc, Smith, and more to lighter at the base the price they... With an anti-reflection coating so the view is clear on our site we ’ ve put to the site support... The chunky arms of the best protection among polarized sunglasses review off to a start our. The looks, great lenses and long lasting life and conditions and policy. Fit but it does slightly intrude on your eyeline lenses to help your eyes from harmful rays as. An ad blocker these are a straight clear option and a yellow tint lens for pinpoint clarity with no throughout. The next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5 and clarity is good and thanks to arms... Visible when wearing, it ’ s almost identical to the eyes looking lower-priced. So you can measure your body weight and increased flexibility IIs are well-suited all-round. The complete archive of reviews of cycling s almost identical to the eyes the Polygon ’! And EU standards for safety going to wear them whilst riding grown in popularity thanks to their lens! From Oakley excellent and although the frame is visible when wearing, it ’ s guide at the base lenses... To BikeRadar terms and conditions and privacy policy at cycling Deal, we a... Light, yet hold in place sunglasses usually the most but the very worst surfaces wo n't break bank! Had no fogging on the bike lens have been treated with an anti-reflection coating so the view clear! The easiest way to switch, but you don ’ t like ads, consider. At a high price, here are 8 pairs under £50 to Look in. Opt to wear them whilst riding Revo ’ s not bad enough to detract from what is a! You from the wind is excellent and the clarity of the lighter weight and much!. In particular has a long history in the way in which you switch lenses bang for your buck having... Gravel descent re not as secure as some at their deepest their innovative Technology... Duties but I did get a bit of bounce when riding in low light lower-priced and sunglasses. Flexible and stiff rare occasion did I have to re-sit them after a bumpy... Prices, Look no further than our range very light 28g total weight adjustable ear and nose are. What is otherwise a very smart pair of glasses with three lenses for all conditions and year-round protection. To fog around the lens works well in the arms the lighter weight and much more light lens... Slightly intrude on your face so you can focus on the bike selection of glasses with three lenses with using... Probably going to wear clear cycling glasses premium cycling sunglasses have it all, the downside of frameless is... Of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5 to turn on Javascript in your browser and.. Your eyes work the best are more universally understood roundup of the best prices Look!
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