FORVM ANCIENT COINS. Ancient Coins for Sale Today Collecting Ancient Silver coins is an exciting way to capture a valuable and precious piece of history. to 100 A.D. Roman coins were minted from 400 B.C. The study of ancient civilisations uncovers some astonishing things. $650. Background At Thomas Greaves Coins & Collectables, we’ve been part of the world of numismatics for over four decades and around 20 years ago we set up in business, supplying coins and medals, tokens and banknotes by post! All ANA-member coin dealers must agree to and abide by the ANA's Dealer Code of Ethics. $380. Coast To Coast Coins specializes in rare coins and currency, Coastcoin has largest selections of rare coins, currency, bullion and foreign coins. I am a retired New York State Administrative Law Judge; coin collecting since 1957; member of 1972 U.S. Assay Commission; and a dealer since 1978. Also astonishing is the fact that genuine artefacts from eras of the likes of Vespasian, Alexander III and Xerxes I are well within your grasp – and frequently available online at Downies! American Numismatic Society Life Member. We have been in business since 1990 The classical silver Athenian tetradrachm is the coin most people envision when they think of ancient Greek coins, but nearly all of the many hundreds of Greek city states also minted coins bearing their respective symbols. M oneta R omana. Other consolidators with upcoming auctions (lesser consolidators). Read more Visitors are always welcome. Hello! Stay Connected with CoinBolee, For Up-Coming New Listings. Merovingian Coin from the Collection of Abbot Jobal. Ancient Greek coins are some of the oldest, dating from 800 B.C. Who are we ? Ancient Greece. English and European fixed-price sites. Are there any sites online that are trust worthy to purchase from? Ancient Coin Dealers (Links to sites with ancient coins for sale.) Selection 1: Caesar to Commodus: Selection 2: Pertinax to Aemilian: Selection 3: Valerian to Carinus: Selection 4: Diocletian to Anastasius: P.O. Items are usually shipped daily so you can rest assured to make these … Add To Cart. Ancient Coin Search Engine Ancient Coin Search Engine provides the descriptions and prices realized of ancient coins from European and U.S. auction houses, which typically are higher end, and higher priced, than those sold through eBay. Welcome to the best ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical, Medieval, Byzantine online coin store. Buying ancient Roman coins can be done through reputable dealers … We carry an inventory of reasonably priced ancient coins and artifacts from all over the ancient … Contents: Major fixed-price sites are listed first. 1903 Indian Head Cent PCGS PR-64 RB . 1889 Indian Head Cent PCGS MS-64 RB . 3rd September 2020. The American Numismatic Association helps all people discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of educational programs including its museum , library , publications , … Read more. Visit our knowledgeable team of coin and banknote experts by the British Museum! We are an online store focused on coins. Find the most trusted and knowledgeable coin and artifact dealers online from around the world. 1893 Ten Dollar Gold Coin NGC MS-61. The earliest “official” Roman coins were created sometime around 320-280 B.C. ANCIENT COINS/WORLD COINS - FRANK S. ROBINSON. Articles, discussion forum and tools . Silver coins of King Charles I. STACKS BOWERS GALLERIES Distance: 0 miles P.O. 17th September 2020. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Ancient Coin for buying in India. We were one of the first web only ancient coin dealers on the Internet and have been in business since 1996 offering value priced ancient coins and antiquities. Fixed-price sites Other, smaller, fixed-price sites. Online coin dealers. Login Now! Ancient coin dealer with ancient Greek and Roman coins, Byzantine coins, and other ancient coins in a huge online catalog. Ancient coins dealers online. 21st September 2020. His many years of experience with Tele-Trade coin auctions gave him a unique perspective to create an online coin auction company that serves the beginning coin collector as well as more advanced coin collectors. Whether you’re an experienced antiquities collector looking to buy ancient coins for your collection, or you’re just venturing into numismatics as a new hobby, we welcome you. This used to be the top ancient coin search site. Based only online (with no physical shop to visit) , customers from New York City to Los Angeles and beyond get an unprecedented amount of customer service and satisfaction. Add To Cart. The Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club is composed of people interested in the coinages of ancient Greece and Rome and related cultures. $635. Roman Coins - Ancient Roman Coins - Coin Dealer - Seller - Buyer - online shop. Ancient coins from our Autumn 2020 FPL. With over 10 years experience, ancient coin expert, enthusiast, author and dealer, Mr. Ilya Zlobin brings amazing coins to people of New York and beyond. Roman Coins. We have different coins from many places and ages. Add To Cart. BOX 1804 WOLFEBORO, NH, 03894 Phone: (603) 569-0823 Fax: (603) 569-3875 Services: Auctions, Collector Sales, Wholesale-to-the-Trade Specialties: Ancient Coins, Bullion Coins, Tokens and Medals, US Coins, World Coins: Get Directions View Website Coincraft is a family-run business established in 1955. No matter when struck, rare Silver coins all have a riveting story attached to them. Ancient Greek coins are … Established in Paris since 1988, CGB Numismatics Paris has become the top numismatic company in France. The history of Roman coins can be divided into three distinct periods: Republic, Imperatorial and Empire. Items are usually shipped daily so you can rest assured to make these … Up above are pages you can click on that give you great ideas about the types of coins available for sale. Sites with frequent auctions. I still collect general world coins and ancient coins. $1,295. The wisdom of Ancient Greece and the forward-thinking of Ancient Persia. Ancient and Oriental’s founder, Chris Martin, is established as a premier Numismatics expert in the UK. Holding and owning a 2,000 year old coin can be an amazing feeling and give a close connection to the ancient past. Add To Cart. 1926 Two and a Half Dollar Sesquicentennial Gold Coin PCGS MS-64. Ancient Coin Gifts Ancient coins make wonderful … … Dealers by country. 1864 Indian Head Cent PCGS MS-64 Copper Nickel. is an online official store portal that allows any individual to buy the most ancient coins, notes, stamps and antiques from our online store. Ancient Coins, US Coins and World Coins | VCoins. Our main coins are in the Ancient coins, American coins and World Coins categories. We try to keep our meetings fun and interesting for … It has over 80,000 coins, banknotes and numismatic books for sale on its website Highly experienced in online sales, CGB Numismatics Paris has developed its own e-auctions system. The story of Herakles and Omphale. Pegasi Numismatics is one of the largest ancient coin dealers in the world. Up above are pages you can click on that give you great ideas about the types of coins available for sale. We work with the best online coin dealers around the world. Most ancient coins collected today come from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the three distinct Persian Empires. Roman collectible Silver coins from the 4th century are among the most affordable and a good place to start Silver coin collecting. Read more. 4. Find here online price details of companies selling Ancient Coin. Read more. Included are items from ancient times to the latest new issues. GreatCollections was founded in 2010 by Ian Russell as a new coin auction house to serve the rare coin and bullion community. Trading as HTSM Coins, we established a successful enterprise serving collectors and those interested in the fascinating world of coins and banknotes. I read online that you should not purchase coins from dealers who have short/shady guarantees and I haven't found one at all on this site. The Sussex Collection (1649 – 1935) Read more. Add To Cart. Kb Coins offers world coin collectors and world currency collectors a wide variety of interesting, fun, unusual and historic foreign coins and paper money. We also deal in other antiquities and numismatic literature. The club holds monthly meetings in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The number of coin collectors is also increasing day by day and so the demand for these coins. Important information on navigating our site, selecting an ancient coin to buy online, grading standards, an overview of ancient coinage, how ancient coins were made, ancient coin denominations and much more. See what is new since your last visit... Search for coins added on or after Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild Benefactor. Shopping Cart | Checkout Sign In Register: Registration is free and will allow you to order items online, check auction results, and bid in our Mail Bid Sales. Coin Bolee has thousands of most precious coins,notes,stamps and antiques that worth millions, we daily list our new collection.