Ethics and morals are instilled within a kid from childhood, and these depend upon the background of the family as well as the location and society where the kid is brought up. Yes! Tourist Spots. Glimpses of Kerala . Two large glass cases are for King Cobras. Parassinkkadavu Snake Park is about 16 km from Kannur town. The museums of Kerala are truly renowned for handicrafts, historical ornaments, grand carts ivory carvings of faces and masks of Kathakali. Watch Monsoon Rains in Kerala from an arm chair. Someday, when we and the world around us are in a better place, we hope to come back and unravel more stories that are human by nature. Get an Ayurveda massage from the expert masseurs. Tree houses at Wayanad, Munnar, Athirapally or Thekkady are unique experience and a must on your Kerala trip.. 8. The farmers in Kerala used the traditional water wheel trying to pump the water in to the fields to maximize the crop in early days . Yoga Sessions are held at different ashrams under the perfect guidance of expert spiritual gurus. Take a dip and enjoy your tryst with mythology along with visiting one of the best beaches near trivandrum. Perhaps the most important part of you, on basis of which you stand as an individual today is your ethical substance. The Unique Kerala .com is a website for your travel needs. Payasam is the must taste dessert in Kerala. There are narrow wooden bridges on streams that the natives use to cross them. Appams  are recommended with vegetable stew or meat/chicken stew. Also, what is particularly important from an individual point of view is your unique interpretation and acceptance/unacceptance of social order. June 23, 2019, 6:49 am, Your email address will not be published. Be mesmerized in Valiyaparamba Backwaters; This is one of the most unexplored backwaters in Kerala. Kuttanad is a beautiful backwater destination and only place in the world where farming is done below sea level. Find the perfect holiday destinations in Kerala and enjoy some relaxing time off from your daily routine, Tour Packages in Kerala, Family Holiday Packages Le lagoon Holidays. Kerala Wedding Attire: Kasavu. But if you ask me of the top 10 such things, I’ll number them as follows: What do you believe about this world? Lulu Mall is the llargest shopping mall in India. One such unique attraction is a trip to the Kerala … Celebrate your New Year with great music, dance, fancy dress parade, and fireworks. Rightly said, what you are today is out of what happened to you yesterday. The information stored remains benign and integral unless the […], An SSD (solid state drive) has certain advantages over a traditional hard disk. The most unique aspect of a Kerala bride is her wedding attire. While it is the norm for brides to wear red or yellow on their wedding day in most parts of the country, the Kerala bride wears white. Explore the backwaters of Kerala in a houseboat. As far as bridal jewellery is concerned, the kerala bride is adorned … The music, mood and scent of the monsoon is one awesome romantic experience you shouldn’t miss. Mosques in Kerala. If you ask me, I’ll say MANY such things exist which set you apart from the crowd. One of the must see places in the world – Kerala – has much more to offer than only those usual looks of green trees and lush fields. So, your appearance plays an important part in building your individuality. Trekking in Kerala in Munnar or Thekkady is a unique experience. The Lake is mostly covered with mist and snow and is an ideal place for a couples hangout and is rated among the best honeymoon places in Kerala, Heart shaped honeymoon lake in Chembra Peak. May 29, 2017, 6:54 am, by Kerala Cuisine these earthenware pots are still used often on homemade stoves with wood as fuel. So, what are those things that make you this special? Clean roads- Not the best, but much cleaner than other South Indian cities and towns. Nextly, what is your culture? The city of Trivandrum is especially known for its religious tolerance. You can be a person known for your fashion statements, or you can be a person known to have large number of pets. The black and yellow colored rickshaw will drive you to any place and let you experience its waving drive through the packed traffic in Kerala. The glass walls let you get a clear view of surroundings while sailing on the backwaters. It may help you in earning popularity and allowing people to identify them with you.