I think I just like BU so much because it doesn't have the rah-rah party and sports atmosphere that OSU does. A transfer applicant is any student who has completed minimally nine credits prior to the admission deadline for the semester they wish to apply. The Boston College community welcomes transfer students. Instead, the university had offered me a “guaranteed transfer option”. I also had a nice job working as a lifeguard for a well-respected college in Cambridge. Lol i transferred from UMass’ Isenberg to BU this year. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I didn't get in for the freshman class, which I'm not too surprised about since my score and GPA were a bit low and I'm from Metro Boston, but I was given a transfer for sophomore year as long as I get a 3.0 GPA at any other school. level 1 This is the official unofficial subreddit for the Boston University community. I'm personally very thankful for this as it will save me a ton of money and give my mom some time to be used to me being away (we live in Ohio, OSU is about 3 hours away, BU is about 12.) Today it is one of the nation's foremost universities, with an enrollment of nearly 14,700 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and more than 80 countries. From the RD decision thread here on CC it seems that half the denied students were offered the guaranteed transfer option. I also transferred but applied because I didn't like my other school. We aim to make BU affordable and accessible, and encourage all students interested in transfer admission to apply for need-based financial assistance. Boston College was founded in 1863 by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Many colleges will also ask to see a letter of confirmation from Boston University Academy, which the college counselors are able to provide. Are you ready for the Ultimate Virtual Campus Experience. You could try and use [Transferology] (https://www.transferology.com/) - I haven't used it but know of people who have. (1)When the debtor transfers a property interest (or incurs a debt obligation) but does not receive value in exchange for that transfer that is reasonably equivalent to what the debtor gave up –and– (2)The debtor is insolvent or becomes insolvent at the time of the transfer or the debtor is left with Luckily, this decision is non-binding, so I can back out next year if I want. I'm a guaranteed transfer. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Is transferring and the price of BU worth giving up Isenberg in UMass? Shop Barnes & Noble at Boston University for men's, women's and children's apparel, gifts, textbooks and more. If you meet Boston University's requirements for GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other components of the application, you have a great shot at getting in. BU also reminds me of George Washington U, which I would looove to go to, but their aid is atrocious. Boston University Academy One University Road Boston, MA 02215 Telephone: 617-353-9000 Fax: 617-353-8999 academy@bu.edu I was in that income bracket where I just barely qualified for work-study but didn't qualify for any need-based aid, just academic. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Overall, how is the social scene at BU for transfers? Course Descriptions. It's kind of hard to tell how much I'll get because I think most of my aid will come from what I wrote on the CSS profile. When you go to OSU, go with an open mind. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Boston public high school graduates who transfer to BU are eligible for the Community Service Award, a grant from BU that fully funds their calculated financial need without loans, with the requirement that they complete 25 hours of community service each semester. Large Selection of Official Apparel Exclusives Flat-Rate Shipping I'm curious to see how it has worked out for other people. This meant that after completing my freshman year at any other school of my choice, I would have the opportunity to receive an ivy league education. Additionally, some courses may not appear on this list, but may be eligible for transfer. Visit Back2BU for the latest updates and information on BU's response to COVID-19. In order to transfer credits, students should work with the Registrar’s Office at their college of enrollment. my major is computer science in … OSU is HUGE. I'm currenty in the process of it for next semester however, I feel like I may not take it once I get the acceptance letter thingy because tbh, BU is very expenseive. I'm a BU Alum (CAS '10) and also did my Master's at OSU (and am finishing up a PhD here). Given your interest in middle eastern studies, you should probably check out both foreign language departments and see which one offers any languages that you might like to pick up. Students must request that an official Boston University transcript be sent to their college of enrollment from the Boston University registrar.